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Charming and adventurous Classic car guy: Mr. Yoshida (City Auto, Gunma Prefecture)

Charming and adventurous Classic car guy: Mr. Yoshida (City Auto, Gunma Prefecture)

Final Heaven has been participating in events across Japan in its second year since establishment to spread the presence and high quality of our most popular product, "Green Parts"!

Events and meets are usually held on weekends, so on weekdays, we visit vintage car shops and restoration shops in various regions.

We have been visiting both the dealers we have been working with and leading dealers in the industry, including those we are meeting for the first time, to introduce Final Heaven.

By actually visiting, we can feel the lives of old car lovers and the passion they invest in their cars. It's incredibly inspiring.


Last week, we visited City Auto in Gunma Prefecture.

Their logo based on Coca-Cola was irresistibly cool and cute ❤️

We met the employees in the midst of restoration for the first time, and until the president arrived, we toured the many vintage cars on the large premises.

There were at least 80 cars in total, I think? I was excited and sweaty throughout. I should have taken photos. My heart was pounding. (Is that old-fashioned?) I wish I had taken some pictures.

President Yoshida arrived. We were guided to his room, which was adorned with photos of his beloved cars and pictures he had taken all around the world. We listened to various stories.

This yellow Fairlady Z S30, which had been racing for decades, seems to be participating with a different vehicle this year, but his passionate feelings for his beloved car were clearly conveyed.

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