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Charming and adventurous Classic car guy: Mr. Yoshida (City Auto, Gunma Prefecture)

Charming and adventurous Classic car guy: Mr. Yoshida (City Auto, Gunma Prefecture)

To spread the popularity and quality of our flagship product, "Green Parts," Final Heaven has been participating in events throughout Japan in its second year since establishment!

As events and meets generally take place on weekends, we spend weekdays visiting vintage car shops and restoration shops in various regions.

We've been introducing Final Heaven to dealers we've been working with and leading figures in the industry, including those we meet for the first time.

Experiencing the lives of vintage car lovers and the passion they put into their beloved cars by actually visiting is truly inspiring.



Last week, we visited City Auto in Gunma Prefecture.

The Coca-Cola-based logo is irresistibly chic and cute ❤️

We first met with the employee restoring cars who warmly welcomed us. Until the president arrived, we toured many vintage cars on the large premises.

There must have been at least 80 cars in total? I was excited and sweating throughout. I should have taken pictures, darn it.

President Yoshida arrived. We were guided to his room adorned with photos of his beloved car and pictures taken around the world. We had various conversations.

The yellow Fairlady S30Z that has been racing for decades. This year, it seems he'll be participating with another vehicle, but the intense love for his car is palpable. 




A passionate traveler, he has already conquered almost all states in the U.S. 🇺🇸, and there were many beautiful landscape photos displayed.


What was supposed to be a short visit turned into a lively discussion about cars, travel, and life. We even had coffee and ended up taking more than two hours.

On the way back, Jam and I couldn't believe it was our first meeting; he was so wonderful.





Moreover! Since the JCCA Tsukuba Meeting was scheduled for the next day, we were invited and graciously given tickets for two.



The next day, despite the rain, the circuit was lively with lots of vintage car enthusiasts!!

(Many photos and videos of the event are uploaded on Instagram.)

In the afternoon, the rain completely stopped, and the three of us took photos together

He'll be racing on the circuit in spring.

We'll definitely go to cheer him on!

It was a weekend warmed by Mr. Yoshida's wonderful hospitality. Thank you very much.

Look forward to the next round of shop visits in Japan.


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