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5月5日 子供の日 🎏 富士スピードウェイのZ ミーティングに会社として初出展しました。

初出展となった今回、FINAL HEAVENのメイン車種であるS30ZとS31Zのエリアからは真反対での設置となりましたが、今回もたくさんのZオーナーさん、ショップさんに遊びにきていただきました! 


今回は埼玉県八潮市にある、L型の老舗 亀有エンジンワークスさんの特集。


Nostalgic 2 Days is a yearly show that takes place at Pacifico Yokohama and features many of the most well known Kyusha builders, modification shops and restoration specialists from all over Japan.

240Z, nostalgic2days, s30z

⚫️日程: 2024年2月17日 ~ 18日




We first met with the employee restoring cars who warmly welcomed us. Until the president arrived, we toured many vintage cars on the large premises.

There must have been at least 80 cars in total? I was excited and sweating throughout. I should have taken pictures, darn it.


Quick, affordable, fun to drive and stylish. These have ALWAYS been features of a successful car. When these ring true even 50 years after release, you have a LEGEND!!

240Z, English