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Nostalgic 2 Days Recap 2024: Final Heaven x Star Road - Famous 240Z Shop in Tokyo

Nostalgic 2 Days Recap 2024: Final Heaven x Star Road - Famous 240Z Shop in Tokyo

On February 17th and 18th, we had our first exhibit at Nostalgic 2 Days in Yokohoma!

Nostalgic 2 Days is a yearly show that takes place at Pacifico Yokohama and features many of the most well known Kyusha builders, modification shops and restoration specialists from all over Japan.

We had an amazing time at our booth speaking with the car owners and shops to exchange thoughts about the future of car restoration in Japan. Many of them shared the same thoughts as us.

Because the craftsmen who restore these cars are getting much older, restorations take longer and there are fewer people who can create the panels from nothing.

We got the chance to discuss the potential of the restoration market for S30Z Fairlady Zs with some of the key people in the industry, and they mentioned that the our concept "From restoration to replacement" is what we need nowadays for kyusha culture to survive in Japan.  

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Inoue san from Star Road who made this possible for us, by helping transport our Datsun 240Z as well as our products, and organizing the booth. 

Without his support, we would not have made this a reality!

Star Road is the most famous tuning shop in Japan for 240Z (S30Z) and 260Z/280Z (S31Z). Specializing in L-Series Engine tuning and performance parts like their fully adjustable coilovers as well as their unique aero parts like their Fighter Kit

We had a very brief meeting 3 days before Nostalgic 2Days at his shop. He welcomed us with hot curry noodles and we enjoyed talking with him as always.

We barely talked about the setup and before we knew it, setup day arrived.. 😃

Mr. Inoue is obviously very experienced but is a "go with the flow" person with a very relaxed mind. We were running out of time for setup at the booth the night before but he was there making us feel calm with his relaxed attitude! 

The surprising thing is how supportive he and his communities are for us. He has a few engineers that work for him, but rest of people are just volunteers that love him for what he does.

We will be featured in some magazines and he will restore his S30Z using our restoration panels. Very excited to continue working with him!!


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